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I hate to sound perfectly greedy, here, but HECK yeah, misery loves company on the garden front. Oh, the plants I've killed...

And the ones I haven't, the chipmunks are eating. Except for the beans. Unless, maybe, as I type...

I will so try those radishes. I want to love them with all my heart, but as of yet, meh...

Welcome to the new digs!


Can't wait to hear more about your garden adventures. Don't get rid of the hydrangeas! Those are some valuable plants (at least they are here). Have you heard of Ellen Ecker Ogden? My friend edited her book on kitchen gardens (here's a review: http://allthedirtongardening.blogspot.com/2011/02/complete-kitchen-garden-by-ellen-ecker.html), I'm sure I can have her send you a copy if you want Let me know (and send me your mailing address).


I'm not a garden expert, but don't plant the radishes yet unless all you want are very tall sprouts. The darling things, which I love, are a cool-weather crop (spring and fall). They will grow in a satisfyingly quick way if you plant them now, but the bulb will never properly form. They are also good to plant because they will fend off critters who take one bite of their spicy foliage and turn away from the lettuces you have planted beyond.


Enjoy your new home! Other than keeping the yard in just-acceptable condition, this year I've only managed a few grape tomato plants. I thought that as a homeowner I'd automatically become a gardening diva, especially because my parents are such enthusiasts. They use lots of chicken wire fencing and even have a live squirrel trap to keep the critters away. Because they would gladly spend hours each week in the garden, they're not so helpful when I ask them for advice on how to save time and effort in the garden (such as how to use mulch).
I'll have to try the recipe for radishes--I've only eaten them with butter or cream sauces.


I love gardening and this post is an added addiction for my favorite hobby.

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