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I also was totally intrigued by the recipes in the new BA. I want to make the purple basil simple syrup, if only for the color! :)
And the Bellinger trivia made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that. x


I have a pile of Cook's Illustrated magazines in my kitchen that grows bigger and bigger every month. And I barely use them! I'm not ready to toss them out quite yet. I keep on holding on to them thinking that I might just need that perfectly-tested chicken and biscuits recipe. Haven't needed it yet, but maybe one day I will...


I've been saving Cook's Illustrated thinking that I'll frame a few of the back pages to hang in the kitchen. Did I see that at your place, Robin? I can't remember where I was inspired. Before you throw them out, if you see any vegan-friendly illustrations, send them our way.

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