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if you want your pineapple top to grow into a pineapple, you have to twist off the top, not cut it. When you cut it, the exposed fruit rots and becomes a breeding ground for fruit flies. If you twist it, and put it in water it will grow roots and, eventually, a pineapple.
i'm sure google knows exactly how you should twist it off, i have forgotten. but that is KEY.


Oh, thank you! The book said to let the cut top sit out for a day or two before putting it in water, so that it would dry out a little and not rot once it was in the water. The instructions for sprouting carrot tops were also not totally clear...I should go back and amend my original post.

And now I have a good excuse to find a ripe pineapple, make another cake, and sprout the pineapple top the right way! Thanks again.


Love that last paragraph (then, now) like nobody's business. Also, the header photo.

Also, I now must have that meyer lemon salad. Except it's 9 p.m. and I'm stuffed. Sigh.

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