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Took me a while to get back around, but sweet bessie, turns out this is the tart I thought! Still have the tear sheet for this one, somewhere. How old-fashioned is that? Good to know it's every bit as drool-worthy as it looks. Now that Feb. 14 has passed, we'll just have to invent a reason for it.


Oh, Molly, it is so good...I actually spent some time daydreaming about it yesterday afternoon. Hang on to that tear sheet. And I bet you have a chocolate cookie tart crust up your sleeve that's a little perfecter than this one.

Timothy Burley

I have to say, that's one mouth-watering tart. I'll have to try this out this coming weekend and treat my wife and kids to some of this. Thanks for the instructions!

Africa map

Beautiful. Such a lovely and delicious chocolate Carmel tart is present here. Looking so delicious in taste. I loved to eat chocolate. It is nicely decorated.

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