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Happy Two, Miss Bea! Those two chickens (and the moo-door farm that accompanies them) happen to be two of my favorite things, ever, so obviously your parents are raising you right.

A good chocolate cake can be so hard to pin down. I am searching, again, after the walnut flour in my eldest's was outed. The frosting, however, remains a keeper -- just a giant bowl of whipped cream, with melted chocolate beat in. Like ganache whispering, light and dreamy instead of stodgy. A thought...


Thanks, Molly! I will pass your good wishes on to the birthday girl. The "moop barn," as we call it, lives in Houston, but the rooster, chicken, and farmer live with us.

I think the chocolate cake and icing in Comfort Me With Apples are perfect, but I can't keep myself from trying new recipes...and I also didn't need to make such a giant quantity of cake for our tiny celebration. Your frosting sounds just right and is definitely going to the top of my must-try list.

I am crazy about butter and make people sick with how much I put on my bread, but I've never made a buttercream that tasted right.

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