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Hi Robin! I love reading your blog whenever i can remember to wander over here. Speaking of jello with savory bits i have the BEST cookbook that is all jello recipes from the 60's.....who doesnt love pimento and mayonnaise in their lime jello?! And i pretty sure i have that Hurry up "popcorn" recipe in my vintage betty crocker cooky book, it has lots of great little descriptive terms like "a favorite among men and children", old cookbooks are swell!


Thanks, Melody! Did you see that we are moving to Boston next summer? The first solstice Andrew is free, we will have to visit you and bring my grandmother's lime jello with black olives and pineapple, served on a bed of lettuce. I think it's the only thing I was ever rude enough to refuse to eat as an adult...I couldn't face it. I can't get over the popcorn recipe...here, kids, have some hot, buttered, salted CEREAL!

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This recipe sounds great. Thanks for sharing the procedure.


Yes! We are very excited for you guys to be back east! Cant wait to meet B! And the lime jello sounds so ummmmm tangy. ( :

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