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Must be the month for exploding glass. I spent Tuesday picking shards out of our cheeses and produce, after a bottle of seltzer exploded in the back of our fridge. The chili powder looks lovely, but I do hope you dish on that rhubarb cake soon. (And does it become right-side up cake, once it's tipped over in the oven?)


Oh god, I hate it when that happens to Pyrex baking dishes. My mom had a similar experience recently and it's made me extra cautious with mine.


Thank goodness we're into May, Molly...I forgot to write in the post that a couple of days after the enchilada explosion, I noticed a little pool of black liquid under a Mason jar of black beans that had been defrosting in the refrigerator for about 12 hours...and when I picked the jar up, the bottom came clean off. It truly was a bad month for breakage and messes here, and I'm sorry to hear that you got your share, too!

Marisa, I am scared to bake in my remaining Pyrex 9x13 now, especially since, as my mother pointed out, the things we make in the casserole dish are the things we're most excited about--macaroni and cheese, lasagna, King Ranch chicken. I should add that I am pathetically devoted to following rules and instructions and have never done anything odd with my Pyrex, like putting it on the stovetop or using it for temperature shock experiments.

As for the rhubarb cake, despite the many problems I encountered during its production (not detailed here, all my fault), it was good enough to tempt me into eating myself sick--not that the bar for that is super high--but you can imagine: once inverted (preferably onto a cake plate, not the oven door) it has stewed rhubarb on top, tender yellow cake in the middle, and a crispy butter crumb base. The link up near the photo should take you to Martha, who is better qualified than I to tell you how it's done.


Oh nooo!! I cannot imagine the sadness about all that good chile sauce on the oven floor. I am impressed with your good spirits about that. :)

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