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happy belated birthday! i like this recipe but i like your sketch more. (thanks for the link to my blog! hope you try the recipe :))


Thanks! I love your blog.


i firmly believe all the best people are born in april. happy day!


And I love YOUR blog! The chicken sounds wonderful.
Ask Andrew about a cherry pie that ended up on the oven door/floor.
Do you think you have a hidden wish to reverse time?


Thank you! Andrew told me about your cherry pie as soon as I dropped the cake. And when my enchiladas exploded, someone else told me a sad cherry pie story!

I've conceived of the year this way since my golden youth, so I don't think it's a backwards urge. I can only think that some picture or calendar I saw once planted it in my head? And I realize now that it could also be laid over a map of the United States and correspond to the way I think of the USA--winter up top, springtime out west, dog days in Texas, fall color on the East Coast.

Anyway, thank you for reading...

Paige Orloff

My year runs counter clockwise, too, but I have December at 12 o'clock (how literal is THAT??) but it is circular, and the whole thing is kind of in three dimensions, like the rings of Saturn, or an astrolabe or something...your sketch is going to force me to try to draw it for the first time in my (longer than yours) life. Egads. PS LOVE the strainer hat. LOVE.


Oooh, Paige, I feel so vindicated! If you draw it, you must post. I'm intrigued by your three dimensionality!


just found your blog... reading back posts. and that is EXACTLY how i think of the year. I always thought i was weird, but maybe there are more of us out there.
i've been reading eat for $8 on SE for a while, but didnt realize until today that you have your own blog! something more for me to enjoy. Thanks!


Thank you for commenting, Theresa! I love hearing that other people have this idea. Some people I ask don't have any spatial idea about the year--not even a clockwise one.

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