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Yay, you're blogging again! I am thrilled. And dying to buy MILK and dying to make yogurt that looks as luscious and creamy as yours does. Also, that buttermilk cake you made for your baby's birthday looks incredible, so simple and good. Keep writing, Robin! I love reading your posts.


Thanks, Luisa! MILK really is wonderful. It includes a recipe for Canadian Butter Tart that I have resisted thus far only because I know I would eat it all in one sitting. I want to cook my way through it but keep getting distracted by practical dinners, what a bore! I'd much rather be churning my own butter and finding excuses to eat homemade creme fraiche. The yogurt will have to do for now.

Ana Sofia

My own Donvier looked at me reproachfully the other day but I'd the same trouble with the tiny jars. Definitely trying this new way soon!


Hi there. I just found your blog and have enjoyed catching up on old posts. I make yogurt too, but I have been using my mom's old yogurt maker from when I was a baby. Try using a paper coffee filter when you strain it. You can just toss it when you've scooped and squeezed out the yummy yogurt. Also, you can freeze the starter yogurt in ice cube trays then pop the yogurt cubes into a bag in the freezer. Works great!


Thanks for the great ideas. Lately I've been having trouble getting my straining cloths totally clean--even after a long presoak and laundering, they still smell suspiciously yogurty, gross!--and have been wondering what to do about it. I think I even have some paper coffee filters somewhere that don't work in my current machine...

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