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King of Thebes

Not worry, but care and deliberation; not luxury, but artful necessity. May I have more of these things in daily life, especially when it comes to the art we prepare, meditate on, and enjoy at the dining room table. Resisting the "ignorance—or at least [seemingly] sufficient distraction" thrust upon us, we reclaim an awareness of our medium, craft, and appetite. Not neurasthenic, but kitchen sage and poet.
And may I say as a vegetarian of many years, meat aside, there are plenty of other occasions for such care in the supermarket and kitchen.


Why don't you just eat and cook what you think taste good and not have a nervous break down worrying about it.


I think it is very important to be aware of your food from field (or river, etc...) to plate. Like yourself, I (and my better half) have considered carefully the origins of our food in hopes of eating better, healthier food - and, to a degree, to maintain some sort of clean social conciousness. Though it might seem strange, I hunt, fish, garden, gather, etc for some of the same reasons! These sorts of consumer based actions will, I think, eventually change the food market. Or perhaps I'm being optimistic... I haven't read your blog enough to know where you live, but around here (Morgantown, West Virginia), we go to a lot of farmer's markets and buy from a local co-op. There are also these things called community supported farming - basically, you buy a yearly share in a farm and you get a certain amount of produce for that. Keep up the good work!


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