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oh, i love Madhur Jaffrey but don't own any of her cookbooks since i buy most of my cookbooks second hand, and durn' it, nobody seems to get rid of those suckers! i may have to pay retail, sigh. kudos on your tasty brown vegan stew. i just finished eating on meeself....


thank you so much for taking part in this challenging edition of IMBB. Both of your dishes sound very tasty. I LOVE Indian food so I don't need much persuading!


Bruce Arthurs

If I was pressed for time (I usually am), I'd probably put the wheatberries in a pot with the water, bring it to a quick boil, take it off the heat and let it cool. Should cut the soaking time considerably. (I frequently do this for dried beans.)


HI - just came across your entry here via http://becksposhnosh.blogspot.com/2005/10/main-course.html and I thought I'd let you know about the mint in the Turkish soup. I spent a year in Istanbul and ate the variety of soup that MJ is trying (successfully!) to recreate here almost daily. The mint is the KEY! to the authentic Turkish taste of this soup, but it does not ever taste mint-y. In fact, one would never know that mint is the key ingredient here, and the unsuspecting would never guess that mint is the spice used. Just thought I'd encourage you to try it with the mint if you get ahold of some dried mint. enjoy!


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I think many people eschew vegan dishes because they assume they will be tasteless and not at all hardy, but, in fact, they are truly varied and can be absolutely delightful, as well, of course, healthy.

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