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That coeur a la creme looks fantastic! I love these drained cheese dishes that are sweetened - delicious and so simple.


that champagne flute looks giant.....I like your style.....


I cannot recommend the coeur a la creme highly enough. I had never tried anything like it before. Now I am torn between wanting to try other recipes for it to see what they're like & wanting just to make this one over and over again.

Naughty bird, what are you doing here?!?


have you tried the chocolate version.



I live in New York city and would like to buy the coeur a la creme mold but I do not know where to buy it. I don't want to buy it on the internet because I want to see it first.


Dies ist ein großer Ort. Ich möchte hier noch einmal.

cabernet reserve

you really are an excellent cook. I can not wait for more recipes. less trust in it, but since I tried it I loved it.

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