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Your loaves, and sweet girl, are STUNNING. I'm jealous of those holes, and her haircut.

I ordered the book, but lack the balls to get a starter going. I need to suck it up and get real with fermentation, but I'm petrified. I have that Martha, too (have you made the potatoes that accompany the chicken on the cover? Where you parboil, bash and roast? THEY ARE INDULGENT. MINDBLOWING. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE-GOOD) and so I think I'll just use the recipe in there, instead of trying to parse the book (which is so gorgeous, but so different in tone and feel from the first TARTINE book. They could both be legitimate coffee table books).


You have to get all Nike on the starter. It seems for many people to work out on the second try but not the first. Once I made peace with the fact that I was going to have to throw out a lot of King Arthur flour to produce a tablespoon of viable starter, I relaxed and enjoyed the process. I really did look forward to feeding it very day. Do it!

I have not tried those potatoes, but I have been hoarding some duck fat from Christmas...this sounds like a reason to break it out.

The croissant recipe in the first Tartine book has always intrigued me, but once I start reading I just wander off in the middle of the first page. Nineteenth-century novels, no problem; three page recipe, forget about it.


Impressive bread! I am terrified of trying to bake a loaf - I've avoided it for nearly a decade despite how much I enjoy being in the kitchen. Your post may inspire me to give it a go. Thank you. I look forward to reading more...


fantastic experiment! i'm just getting started with baking so it's great to hear about your trials.


Oh no, Sprinzette, don't be terrified! Have you tried the famous no knead bread?


Or if you WANT to knead, which a lot of people love, this is another recipe that is reliable and delicious.


Thanks for the comment, yasmin! The book just arrived, and I want to try everything in it. I was nervous/intimidated about making my own starter and ended up loving it.

I am working on my second batch of Tartine country bread this afternoon. I seem to have a sophomore curse with most recipes, but the process is so exciting that I'm feeling rather giddy and devil may care today!

carina schott

Wonderful post!! and I love your writing.. you have inspired me to 'possibly' try to make a starter... I will follow your guidelines I am sure.. thank you!


Thanks, Carina! I have been eating rice cream, wearing Matta, and dry brushing thanks to you!

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