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I love Eloise! She's one of the many reasons that I'm excited that we're having a girl...my husband had not heard of Eloise until I told him about her a few years ago.

Also, too bad the tomato pie wasn't good! I'd been thinking about making the version from Smitten Kitchen, but always gravitate towards a tomato tart when I go to the effort of making something with a crust for dinner.


Mary-Beth, when Andrew first read Eloise he was a little horrified by what a terror she is! Bee just got really into it this week. I don't know how much she understands, but she asks for "El-weez" and sits through almost the whole thing.

When was the Smitten Kitchen version? I'll have to track it down. I have used my pastry blender to cut butter into flour three times in the past week, which is probably about two too many.


This is priceless. Had to print out the 'special helps', a) because my eyesight's apparently failing, and b) because I'm fairly sure I need them. All of them. Will report back.

I've always wondered over this pie. And never made it, because it sounded like it would be just as you described. Had a little frisson of hope as I saw the lovely "golden thing". Then my fears confirmed, as I read the consequences. So sorry. Though I do thank you for saving me the lost tomatoes. Sigh.


I'm glad you liked the chart, Molly. I think the key is the one about training the rest of the family to pitch in. I'm giving Bee a tiny broom for her second birthday.

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