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Oh, you clever thing, you. I've ogled this loaf for years. Any idea how to get these no-knead lovelies with a lighter crust? I'm probably horribly low-brow, but I'm just no fan of the tough chestnut top. Feel free to mock me. And pass on tips.


This is how lowbrow I am--I will rip a handful of soft, white bread from the center if no one's looking. Like a five year old.

I don't know about the crust; I'm pretty inexperienced. This loaf has a slightly softer crust b/c it is not baked in the pot, I think, but it is still fairly crusty (on the first day; on the second, the crust is soft and tough unless toasted). The loaf pictured is part whole wheat, too, which makes it a bit darker.

My last couple of loaves of the original no-knead recipe have come out gummy. I'm not sure why. This recipe uses the same amount of water, salt, and yeast as no-knead, but an extra cup of flour. I should have taken a picture of the interior, which has a much closer crumb, close enough to make sandwiches (but with a lot more character than storebought sandwich bread, obviously).

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