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Doh!! Almanzo! Of course. Man, it's like I just flunked a pop quiz on simple addition. I read those books a dozen times, easy. I'll bury my shame and redeem myself in that Lahey dough -- just checked out his book from the library!


Don't worry, no one could be as attached to Farmer Boy as I am. I think my primary motivation for starting a family was my desire to read the Little House books aloud. I guess it would have been easier to become a children's librarian, but we got this pretty cute kid out of it, so it's all good.


one of my favorite recipes is apples+onions+ pork belly! it's out of this world delicious.


That sounds amazing! I can't find it on your blog but hope you will post it sometime. I've never cooked pork belly because I'm scared I'll like it too much and start cooking it all the time.

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