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I also hate the word veggies. Maybe we're related. Less than a week ago I heard it used on Survivor and I was annoyed. Really, Probst, really?


Well, we both do have bird names. Peep peep peep!


ugh, yes, what a word. I only hate "sarnie" more. Why would people call sandwiches that?
Spanish people aren´t taught to say "veggies", if that´s any help in your linguistic research.


Oh, gracious, "sammie," make it stop! The next step is for every adult in the United States to demand feeding via airplane-fork.


Just found your blog and enjoyed it! Thought you might be interested in visiting mine....

I'll be back!
Eileen (passions to pastry)


Sammi freaks me out. Veggie, idk, I always thought it was a cutesy term to make children eat their vegetables. I really hate when it's used to refer to vegetarians (I've gone veggie!).

Is it the French that are really into shortened little nicknames though? Maybe that's where it comes from?


Aiii, the word veggie! Three years ago, I took all of five seconds to pick a blog name, having zero understanding of what blogs were, expecting to blog for only a single month and worst -- without realizing that the word veggie had been co-opted by vegetarians/vegans who send the nastiest hatemail when they realize that it's an omnivore site, even if 90% vegetarian and 80% vegan. (It's vegetables, after all ...) Don't even get me started.


I'm French and speak English, so maybe I can comment?
I think us who speak English well enough to actually know the word "veggie" for vegetable, simply use it to be a little more colloquial.
Of course, if they/we knew it irked people we'd stop!

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