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Sorry, this is just me. Do you ever make smoothies with a cup of yogurt? I used to make them with soy milk and wouldn't even think they could be made with yogurt (too thick?), but they are delicious.


responding to your sardine query --

This is also coming from a pregnant chick who eats sardines.

My children (yes, all four of them) like to eat kippers. I like to have them on a saltine with a dash of Frank's (used to be Durkee) Red Hot, which isn't terribly hot. It has a nice tang, and a little heat. The six year old boy likes to gross out all the girls at school by eating kippersmash (Kipper-smash, or Kippers-mash, you pick).

I haven't started digging into premium sardines, as I don't have good stores for this, but I don't get the ones in cottonseed or soy oils. I try for olive oil anchovies or mustardy sardines. Those tins of anchovies make a tasty foil for the gaminess of roast leg of lamb. Smear it on the outside with butter.

I, too, like Pollan's words of wisdom, and I am a pitiful aspiring locavore -- terribly pitiful situation in my area. This part of the world used to be full of local foods. Now it is like any other.


I wonder - would this work with kale? I've got a bunch of it, and just the right amount of rice and scallions, sitting around the house...


Thanks, Tracy...I definitely need to try adding some hot sauce, I think. I hope I get children as gastronomically adventurous as yours! I'm afraid you couldn't have paid me to eat a kipper until I was in my 20s.

Hi, Luisa...I think it would be slightly less nice with kale, since kale is a little tougher and tastes more dark green and less bright than spinach or mustard greens (sorry for the synesthesia...I'm not sure how else to say it). But it would probably still be pretty good as long as you got the kale not just wilted but tender in the first step. I have a bad habit of deciding kale is done when it's still almost inedibly tough.

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