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sounds delicious! My mom taught me to them (broccoli stems) raw. She loves them and she got my wife and I on the same kick. we never cook them anymore!



Funny, I have always loved broccoli stems, in fact I think that I may enjoy the stem more than I do the leafy part. And I really like sesame oil, so it sounds like this just might be the perfect recipe for me. Thanks.


They're actually the best part of the broccoli plant - with far more nutrients than the florets. I had a recipe in one of those "Best American Recipes" collection that had you shred the stems, then steam and toss them with toasted pecans or something. I'll have to go dig it up. But this relish sounds much more exciting - all those flavors!

Caroline Frost

Robin--great post. I love the stems, too, and get looks from my roommate when I set to peeling and chopping them (although I must say, the florets, when they mop up the butter and lemon juice, make me happier than just about anything). I've done something like this recipe with cucumber and jicama and it's just killer--I have broccoli around more than jicama, so now I'm glad to have the new recipe.


Here's another great book to read...a great way to combine one's passion for reading, eating and family. Here are some reviews if you are interested.


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I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. This is a really terrific sounding recipe, so simple, so healthy, and yet it sounds delicious!


I must see a picture!!! I'm not sure I can quite picture what you mean, lol.


Recipe worked incredibly well. At first I was unable to picture it but it came together nonetheless. Think KmChi. Cut stems into 2" long, .5" wide. Only use the soft innermost part of the stems.

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