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Your dinner looks lovely. Can you explain the merits of a bison steak? Is is sort of like eating a buffalo steak? And...no icing on the cupcake? What gives?


Hi--This is actually a beef steak--this producer raises both bison and black angus cattle. But I'm pretty sure buffalo and bison are the same thing; "bison" seems to be the name for the American breed of buffalo. They say bison/buffalo is way lower in fat than beef, which is the only merit I can think of (besides a different kind of taste). I would imagine that most buffalo comes from small producers, too, though perhaps there are nasty factory farms somewhere churning out buffalo. I'm looking forward to seeing how the bison from the Greenmarket tastes, since the buffalo burgers I've eaten in diners have actually been a little dry.

As for the icing, I ran out of energy to mix it up! Luckily, the cupcakes were really moist, so the icing was not missed.

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